You Won’t Believe What He Transforms These File Cabinets Into


It never would have occurred to me to make this incredible DIY project! Not only is this clever, but you will save a ton of money by going this route!

I just love how Mark Montano, with Make Your Mark, customizes and turns these two file cabinets into a desk. When he decoupages the images on the side, I was sold! How unique and cool is this?

I was checking out a thrift store a couple of weeks ago.  I found two honey oak filing cabinets for $15 each.  They had great brass hardware on them and were in fairly good shape.  I bought one and took it home for additional office storage.  That was when it dawned on me, after thinking about the filing cabinet, that I had seen a desk like the one Mark Morano makes, only painted white, in a Pottery Barn magazine!
I went in and measured and the filing cabinet was the same height as my current glass desk.  I decided to go back to the thrift store the next day, with the hope to get the other filing cabinet. I was beyond excited when I ran to the back of the thrift store and the other one was still there! I believe it was meant to be!
Watch how Mark Morano builds this great desk in his step by step tutorial.