With Age Comes Wisdom – Decorating Tips from Grandma

There’s no doubt that a lot of us pick up important decorating tips from our mothers. But for many of us there’s another woman who’s just as influential in shaping how we dress our homes. While moms tend to teach us the fundamentals of how to decorate, grandmas teach us how to value and respect our homes. And they teach us by example of course. Here are some common home decor lessons taught by the wise women in our lives.

Always Take Your Shoes Off in the House

When you walk into someone’s house do you take your shoes off? You should. Shoes pick up all kinds of dirt and germs that can be tracked into the house. Taking your shoes off when you step inside is a sign that you respect the house you’re entering and you don’t want to track dirt all over it. A good host/hostess will have slippers available for people to change into should they get cold. (And for people with foot or ankle issues who need to wear shoes all the time, bring a spare set that is reserved only for indoors.)

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Quality Trumps All

When it comes to making purchases for your home quality should always trump everything else. When a piece of furniture or art is purchased the idea is that it should last for many years and be handed down to loved ones. Disposable items that only last a few years are not an option. So forgo trends or cheap knick knacks, and always buy the best quality you can afford.

Display Your Collections 

Grandmas take the cake when it comes to displaying collections (spoons hanging on the wall anyone?). That’s because they know there’s no point in collecting something if you’re not going to show it off. This doesn’t mean you need to display every single item in your collection if it’s huge, but choose a few favorites and proudly display them where everyone can see. If your collection is really big you can rotate the displayed items every few months or with the seasons.

Always Be Ready for Company

Treat your home as though company could drop by at any moment and be prepared for guests. Keep things tidy and organized and don’t allow clutter to gather. Make sure you always have tea or coffee on hand to prepare at a moment’s notice and keep a few pretty teacups in the cupboard for serving. A few coffee table books for guests to flip through is always a nice touch. Even if guests don’t often stop by, it’s nice to treat yourself with the same respect you would a guest!

Fill Your Home With Items You Love

If there’s one lesson we should all take away from the grandmas of the world it’s to always fill our homes with items we love. These days it’s easy to walk into a store and quickly buy a bunch of mass-produced items, but the result is a home that’s full of nice but meaningless items. It’s far more worthwhile to take the time to collect only those things that truly speak to us. It’s so wonderful to have a home where every item tells a story and every item has a fond memory attached. So take your time and only commit to items that make you smile.