Watch These Great Ideas He Shows Us For Changing Up Boring Picture Frames (Awesome)!

Watch These Great Ideas He Shows Us For Changing Up Boring Picture Frames (Awesome)! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Tanner Bell shows us 8 different ways to repurpose those old frames that you don’t know what to do with, buy some cheap frames and change them up! These are some brilliant ideas that I really got excited about and I hope you do too! Although, he says he is showing us 15 frame ideas, but in his video, he shows us 8 different ideas and says you’ll need to watch his other video to see the other 7.

I love the 3 same sized frames that have been attached with hot glue and ribbon, to hang. You can decorate them to go with your rooms colors by using contrasting craft paper, wrapping paper or fabric and little floral accessories or whatever you might want to add to give them a personal touch!

Don’t you especially love the picture frame that has been painted with the black and white chevron and a wooden initial? I think it’s my favorite of all the frames Tanner shows us in this video. I have seen wooden picture frames at Michael’s that are absolutely fabulous, but so is the price tag! After seeing these and the ones at Michael’s, I’m gonna jump into making up some of these striking frames and possibly sell them on Etsy…why not? I found some wooden picture frames on Amazon that are inexpensive, if you want to do some of these DIY projects and don’t have the frames! You may want to check out thrift stores or garage sales first!

These are a combination of some fabulous frame ideas and make terrific gifts, so keep this in mind! People love receiving decorative picture frames, especially if you find out what their color schemes are…what a nice surprise!

Check out Tanner Bell’s video of all these great looking frames so you’ll discover some great ways to decorate picture frames for your home.