Watch The Absolutely Fascinating Way She Transforms Her Stairs Into A Work of Art!

Watch The Absolutely Fascinating Way She Transforms Her Stairs Into A Work of Art! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Painting staircases can be fun DIY home decorating projects that dramatically transform often overlooked, plain and boring stairs. Staircases can be very decorative also. Wooden stairs that are lacking any appeal can be turned into fabulous centerpieces that make a statement. Staircases can have a strong visual impact. So there are many ways to turn it into a focal point.

The design of the staircase is important but sometimes you just feel like something is missing. Here is a clever tutorial that might inspire you to change that! These Moroccan tile stencils make for truly stare-worthy painted stairs. The hottest trend to hit home decor are stenciled stairs, except you can make it easier on yourself by using Royal Design Studio’s Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas. It is the perfect way to make painting pattern and stenciled style on stair risers easy, affordable, and removable! In this DIY decor project, she alternates the Moroccan Tile Stencils on the canvas to create a faux tile look – a trendy look we’ve been seeing everywhere.

Creative painting ideas are ideal for turning dark and narrow staircases into stunning home decorations. Home staircases do not need to be overlooked, they can add character to your interior design and jazz up home decorating ideas. Check out the  different painted stairs on Pinterest for many other fabulous ideas!

Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas is the newest and best thing that’s happened to DIY painted wall decor! Get creative decorating with these sheets of paintable canvas on cabinets, stair risers, and more! AND it’s removable and can be repositioned, so if you decide you want to change to a different look, you can!

Watch her transform this staircase into a fabulous work of art in her step by step tutorial!