Watch How They Add A Unique Twist To Their Pumpkins By Making Them Colorful!

Watch How They Add A Unique Twist To Their Pumpkins By Making Them Colorful! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Most of us love bright and colorful things. There is something that is so uplifting about the colors in rainbows. This is certainly a different spin on your typical orange Halloween pumpkins. I say dare to be different! It will definitely turn some heads this fall season.

Halloween and fall decor has long been orange and black. We’ve seen lime greens and purples in the mix but these days Halloween can be just about anything really. Sure the orange and black are always going to be the traditional color scheme, but it’s cool to add some color to the mix!

I’d seen the crayon canvas art, but had never thought of using the same technique on pumpkins. This just might be a new trend. Whether it is or not, I just had to do a couple for my front patio! If you want to keep the regular traditional colors, but switch it up a bit, then paint your pumpkin white and melt orange and black crayons on it…that’s pretty cool looking too! Or, use the crayon technique on a carved pumpkin. Not sure if lighting it up will cause the crayons to melt, but what the heck. I say go for it! You’ll never know until you try!

My kids saw this and were all over it. They had a lot of fun doing this DIY project, so now I’ve got several colorful pumpkins displayed on my patio.

This is a great way to get rid of all those broken crayons that have been hanging around in a tin can forever! Recycle them on pumpkins and give them as gifts to the kids in the neighborhood!

Watch how Joey Graceffa does this step by step tutorial with his friend and get those crayons and blow dryer out!