Watch How She Makes This Beautiful Designer Inspired Mirrored Box!

Watch How She Makes This Beautiful Designer Inspired Mirrored Box! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Most of us gals love feminine things and like to be surrounded by them …I know that I do anyway! The prestigious Chanel emblem on this stunning mirrored box definitely screams feminine! It always makes me think of Paris and high end shopping…and I love that I can make this on a dollar store budget!

I was so impressed the way One Hip Sistah makes this magnificent mirrored box. It’s so elegant and would look fabulous in any gal’s bathroom or bedroom…or anywhere in your home, for that matter!

When I saw this tutorial, I got so excited about making this! It costs next to nothing to make and looks so expensive! I ran to the dollar store and bought the mirrors right away. I just had to have one of these for my bedroom! I have worn Chanel fragrances for years, although I buy them on eBay because I refuse to pay the prices in the retail stores!

I made three of these…one for myself and two for my girlfriends birthday. They went nuts over them when they opened the box! This is the great thing about DIY projects. You can make some of the greatest gifts and save a ton of money! I give a lot of gifts throughout the year and I’d hate to see how much I would spend if I didn’t have these projects to fall back on.

Watch this cool step by step tutorial by One Hip Sistah and get yourself over to the dollar store!