Watch How She Makes This Amazing DIY Mosaic Letter from Old CD’s And Cereal Boxes!

Watch How She Makes This Amazing DIY Mosaic Letter from Old CD’s And Cereal Boxes! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I had already been looking for a large ampersand to hang on my wall, in a grouping, with my art and crosses. I hadn’t been able to find an ampersand that was the right size or color that I wanted to hang on my wall and this was exactly what I needed! It cost me nothing to make, since I already had cereal boxes and old cds!

My kids never fail to have cereal for breakfast. I’m really not complaining since it’s quick and nutritious and in just minutes, they’re ready for school. With that, I end up having tons of empty cereal boxes to deal with. If you knew me, it’s in my list of things to never throw away. So with that in mind, I searched for upcycling and repurposing ideas for all of my cereal boxes. That’s when I ran across Carolynn Stuffs brilliant tutorial!

I don’t know about you but as the computer illiterate person I was before, I’m pretty sure I had wasted many discs by not burning files for back-ups properly. I never wanted to toss them out in the trash in the first place, hoping that they would be useful someday.

After a while, those cds sure started to take up a lot of space so I decided to transform those failed burnt discs that lying around my house into something more valuable. Since, these days, almost all files have gone digital. I still remember those old days when my shelves were full of cds or dvds of musics, movies, and back-ups of important files.

I was so excited to find this tutorial! I was able to make exactly what I’d been looking for and get some of those cds and cereal boxes upcycled into something that I had been looking for! There are a bazillion great ideas for upcycling cereal boxes and cds, so check those out on Pinterest…you’ll be amazed at the cool ideas!

Watch how Carolynn Stuffs makes this cool letter in her step by step tutorial so you can do these too!