Watch How She Makes The Famous Beloved Tin Man Out Of Recycled Cans!

Watch How She Makes The Famous Beloved Tin Man Out Of Recycled Cans! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I’m all about keeping junk out of the landfill. So I have finally run out of clay pots and have moved on to the next best thing… coffee cans, soup cans, and paint cans.  And the can is so abundant..and it rusts to a nice patina outdoors in a garden.

How darling would this little guy be in your yard? Not only is he cute but he has a big heart too. Make this Tin Man from things you probably already have at home.

There are so many fun ways to jazz up a yard that don’t take much time or effort. This adorable tin man looks awesome hanging from a tree! The ideas are endless, all it takes is a little imagination!

There is not anymore fun than using something you’ve found, saved or salvaged in a garden. It is especially fun if you make a Tin Man from these items! Its an custom, from many years ago, to repurpose items wherever you can. Some call it Art, others call it essential…especially us hard core DIY’ers.

Someone on Pinterest had a Wizard of Oz party and she made a Tin Man for part of the decorations she used. I thought this was a great idea! Then, after the party she had a Tin Man for her yard! Everybody loves the Tin Man, don’t we?

Watch how The Junking Data Girl makes our beloved Tin Man in her step by step tutorial and start saving up those cans!