How She DIY This Colorful Flower Design With Water Marbling Nail Art!


This is such a fun DIY project. I know some of you probably aren’t as daring as I am, but I think she DIY this colorful flower design with water marbling nail Art are utterly fabulous! They’re fun and daring and you will be envied if you do this!

Creative girls always like to keep busy with some exciting tasks. So, today I will introduce a tutorial about how to do water marble nail art at home. This guide will make it easy for you to do this smart job without anybody’s help. It is indeed quite thrilling to create this nail art at home.

After I did this on my nails my nail girl couldn’t believe I did this and wanted to hear all about how I did it! She does a lot of nail art, but hadn’t done this before!

You can also do this marbling on other things besides your nails!  After reading a DIY magazine, I was really excited at the tutorial for using nail polish to marble slick-surface furniture. The polish really sticks! I really don’t have any furniture pieces needing a new look but the same materials could be used on non-furniture, non-slick surfaced items.

I did some experimenting and found that nail polish and water offer up an extremely easy way to marble just about anything you want — from glass to wood to metal to cardboard. The options are endless! I used it on glass jars, metal bowls, wooden gift tags, and paper mache boxes.

Watch how this gal with Yummy Nails does this in her step by step tutorial so you can do this yourself! Your friends will go crazy over this!