Watch How She Builds These Awesome Corner Shelves To Save Some Space!

Watch How She Builds These Awesome Corner Shelves To Save Some Space! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

When you live in a small home, you’re always looking for ways to be creative with the space that you have and make it functional too. But, whether you have a small home or a large home, this is still a fabulous shelving idea!

Don’t you love the way these floating corner shelves look in this space? I think it looks fabulous and adds a great look to a room. Wall mounted corner shelves are perfect idea to utilize every possible space from any corner in your home

Want to save space with floating shelves? Of course you do. These corner shelves are the perfect way to help you accessorize while keeping the floor clear.

Having shelves that look great and still have a great positional placement in the house, still keeping the general area looking great, and that blend in with your surroundings, is actually hard to do. We often find that the shelves we have don’t quite fit the full criteria of what we want them to be and the place ends up looking dull. This tutorial will give you some tips and guides on how you can make your own shelves and have them looking amazing wherever you put them.

Using shelving is a great way to organize and de-clutter a space.  I wanted to show you how to make some clean shelving that appears to have no brackets (i.e., floating shelves). You can make them for less than 100 bucks, and the most exciting part is putting stuff on them when you’re finished!

This is definitely my next DIY project! I absolutely love this look and can certainly use the space. It is such an aesthetic look for any home!

Watch how April Wilkerson makes these dynamite shelves in her step by step tutorial!