How She Applies This Makeup To Be A Real Live Doll For Halloween

So, what are you going to be for Halloween? Well, if you have any fun parties to go to, this is a really cool way to go…nothing better than someone calling you a “Doll”!

I find it astonishing what you can do with makeup. This never would have occurred to me, but Hannah Leigh sure nailed it in her tutorial!

Since I was a little girl, I loved porcelain dolls. There was something cute and bizarre about them at the same time. When I discovered them in a box in my attic, I fell in love all over again, so I decided to get dressed as one of them this year! It was really easy to find a puffy skirt in my closet and my favorite lace top fit the concept really well. Especially after I saw this makeup tutorial!

There have been so many clever ideas for Halloween attire that my head is spinning! As long as the makeup is right, then the clothing you wear becomes not as big of a to do.

I’ll be honest…I absolutely hate gore. Whether it’s in movies or special effects makeup, regardless of the fact that I know it’s fake, I hate looking at it. I also dislike purchasing expensive and elaborate costumes that I’ll only wear once. So, every year, I try to make my costume all about my makeup.

Halloween makeup can easily give you your desired look, so I am here’s a tutorial to give you a brilliant idea that you can follow for Halloween day

Watch this step by step tutorial by Hannah Leigh and get your makeup ready!