He Makes These Awesome No Sew Appliqué Towels


Now these towels are precious and they can be made in a snap!  Watch how he’s selected this colorful floral fabric and cuts around the flower design for a faux applique effect, creating a stunning kitchen towel!

He uses E-6000 Stitch Less glue. This would look really fabulous if you went an extra step and stitched around the flowers with colorful embroidery floss.The cool thing about this DIY project is that you don’t even need to get behind your sewing machine!

I embroidered flowers on a denim jacket and it looks like I spent a fortune on it from some swank boutique. It’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of colorful fabrics, whether you choose to glue it onto the item or embroider it.

These make fabulous inexpensive gifts and if you know the person’s colors, you can can pick a fabric that will accent their decor. People always love a thoughtful handmade gift that is made especially with them in mind.

Oh, and keep in mind, with the holidays upon us, Thanksgiving or Christmas towels would look festive for when you celebrate with your family and friends. There are infinite possibilities for all the many seasons we celebrate!

Watch this step by step tutorial done by the fabulous Mark Montano with Make Your Mark!