Warmly-heart DIY Money Tree Christmas Card

Warmly-heart DIY Money Tree Christmas Card

During the Christmas season, looking forward to family, friends and relatives gathered reunion, classmates, friends give each other Christmas greeting cards blessings, or as a Christmas gift to their loved ones. In the festival, their loved ones send each other cards are required, how how to make greeting cards for Christmas? Handmade Christmas cards, what does? Take a look.
Warmly-heart DIY Money Tree Christmas CardDon’t put the money inside the card this year. Make this Money Tree Christmas card with the money on the front of the card. It makes giving money for Christmas a little more special.


One Bill Any Denomination
Green and Red Card Stock
Red Envelope
Star Pony Bead
Craft Wire
Scrap of Gold Scrapbook Paper
Scissors and Glue


Cut a piece of green card stock in half. Fold.

Cut out an oval to fit the front.

Cut out a 1.5″ circle from gold scrapbook paper. Glue pieces together.

Accordion fold your bill making the folds as narrow as possible so the card will be flat enough to fit in the envelope.

Pinch one end together and fan out the other to make the tree shape.

Poke a piece of craft wire through both ends near the pinched tip. String on a pony bead star. Push the wire through front of the assembled card. Twist inside and trim.

And there you have it, a unique money gift card.