Want to Feel Special? Let Your Bedroom Pamper You!

If you are settling for a bedroom that does the minimum – provides a comfortable space for sleeping and dressing – then you’re setting your bar too low. Why not create a room that goes further? Your bedroom should not only help you get a good night’s sleep and look good while doing it, it should make you feel pampered – as if you are in a nice hotel or enjoying a session at the spa. And why not? Don’t you deserve it? Here are eight ways to add that pampering touch of luxury to your room.  

Lux Sheets

Sleeping on pilled or scratchy sheets? Then treat yourself to the pampering touch of good-quality sheets with a thread count of at least 400, or up to 800 if you really want to treat yourself right. But don’t feel the need to pay extra for super-high thread counts over 800; the softness isn’t much better than lower counts, and the sheets won’t last as long. Go for a percale weave if you like your sheets crisp and cool or sateen if you prefer silky softness.

Either way, Egyptian or Pima cotton add to the luxurious feeling and are well worth spending a little extra.

Upscale Lighting

Sure, a boring ceiling fixture will provide light. But while basic, utilitarian lighting gets the job done, it’s just that: basic. If you want to create a more pampering environment, try switching out that flush-mount ceiling fixture for a small chandelier, a hanging pendant or an of-the-moment semi-flush mounted drum fixture. Immediately, your whole room will not only be brighter, it will feel more special, and by extension, you’ll feel more special.

Sitting Pretty

Not every bedroom has enough space for a bench at the foot of the bed, but if yours does, go ahead and add one. It might seem like a small thing, but you’ll be surprised at how much more pampered you feel sitting on a plushly upholstered bench to tie your shoes rather than perched precariously on the edge of the mattress. Plus, a bench is a great way to add a shot of color and style to the space.

Clean Air

You might not give the air in your bedroom much thought, but you’re breathing it for eight hours every night, so the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of that air plays a major role in how you feel each morning. Do you often wake up with sniffles, a sore throat, or congestion? Allergies might be the culprit. While an air purifier might not be the sort of thing usually considered pampering, taking care of yourself is really what pampering is all about, so why not take steps to maintain your good health? Set a small room air purifier near your bed. In go allergens, dust and other impurities: out blows fresh, clean air. Ahh, your respiratory system will appreciate the pampering!

Good Smells

Visit a spa, and you’ll most likely notice some sort of pleasant fragrance in the air. Whether it’s a mild floral or a clean herbal scent, good smells make a space feel more welcoming and restorative. There are many ways to freshen the air in your bedroom: reed oil diffusers, potpourri, scented candles (be careful, however, because wax candles can emit chemicals that actually harm your lungs, so stick with beeswax or soy), linen sprays and essential oil vaporizers are a few options. Don’t choose a fragrance that is too sweet or strong, however. Mild, clean, fresh scents are the best choices for the bedroom.

Cozy Bathrobe and Slippers

It’s hard to feel pampered when wrapping yourself in a threadbare, old, stained bathrobe for those inevitable nighttime trips to the bathroom or morning breakfast calls. A thick, warm, and comfortable bathrobe doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase, but it’s one that goes far in making you feel good. The same thing goes for your bedroom slippers; you can easily find a pair of cozy slippers at bargain prices, but your feet will feel like a million bucks. Go ahead and upgrade – you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes.

Comfy Bedside Rug

While it’s hard to match the natural beauty of wood floors (although laminate comes close), it’s not much comfort to your feet on those cold winter mornings. Give your tootsies a special treat with a plush rug next to your bed – faux sheepskin really feels good – and it’ll be that much easier to coax yourself out of bed when the alarm clock rings.

Cushioning Mattress Topper

A good, supportive mattress is one of the most important investments in your health and comfort you can make. But if you want to add extra pampering to the mix, a mattress topper (which is not the same thing as a mattress protector) is the way to go. There are many types available, including feather toppers for extra softness and memory foam for extra cushioning. But whatever type you choose, it should be thick enough to really make a difference in your sleep quality and comfort.