Twinkling Star Ornaments

A coat of paint and a bit of glitter are all it takes to turn Styrofoam stars into opulent-looking (but very inexpensive!) ornaments.

What you need:

Twinkling Star Ornaments

Styrofoam stars
Tempera paint
1 disposable foil tray for each color of paint
Floral foam
Doll needle with wide eye

To make:

Fill foil trays with paint, and paint Styrofoam stars using technique outlined below. Once the paint has dried, thread ribbon through top of star using a doll needle. Tie ribbon in a bow, and hang from tree.

    To paint shapes:

    Prepare a container for each color of paint you have selected. Insert toothpicks into Styrofoam shapes, and dip each shape quickly into paint. Pull shape out of the paint, and hold it over the container, allowing excess paint to drip off. To add sparkle, roll shape in glitter while paint is still wet. Using the free end of the toothpick, stand shapes in floral foam to dry. When paint is dry (after about 24 hours), remove shapes from toothpicks and make crafts.