Tuesday Tips – Your Thanksgiving Meal: 3 Weeks Ahead

Tuesday Tips - Your Thanksgiving Meal: 2 weeks ahead - Daily DIY Life.com

Happy Tuesday everyone! Thanks for joining me for another fun Tuesday Tips! Over the last 3 weeks, we have taken small steps to ensure a stress free and manageable Thanksgiving Meal. If this is your first time here, you can find the past 3 weeks of Tuesday Tips – Your Thanksgiving Meal : Planning Ahead by clicking HERE.

For those of you that are doing your planning with us, by now you should have…
1. Your guest list made
2. Your menu made and dishes assigned if others are helping you cook. (Here is a FREE Printable if you are just getting started)
3. Your seating inventoried and ordered if you need more seating
4. Your seating chart made including the kids table.
5. Your Utensils and linens inventoried. Have made arrangements for more if needed.
6. Made your cooking plan (what needs to be made when and how long it takes)
7. Purchased 5 – 10 items over the last 3 weeks to help save money when it is time to get the parishables.
8. Have atleast 2 – 3 dishes/desserts made Properly Freezer Wrapped and frozen.
9. Placed any special orders you may have.


This week is going to be more focused on areas around the home instead of the meal itself. It’s time to do a little deep cleaning. I know what your thinking, I hate cleaning as much as the next guy. If you are having guests over, or even company in from out of town the last thing you are going to want to do is run around the day before making sure the areas we don’t clean on a daily basis are up to par. Each task should take no more than 20 minutes to complete and you will thank me later when you are enjoying the day with your family and friends and not exhausted from doing it all the day before.

Your tasks for this week – Two Weeks Ahead : Planning Your Thanksgiving Meal:

1.Your Freezer/Fridge – Clean it out. Get rid of that bottle of marinade that was pushed to the back 3 months ago. If you aren’t planning to use it or if it has expired, get rid of it. You are going to need room in there for all the Thanksgiving Meal goodies.
2. Curtains and extra Linens – Run them through the wash, or drop them at the dry cleaners. Fresh clean and pressed curtains always make a difference.
3. Check your baseboards – Give them a quick once over with the mop or swiffer mop. We do our floor often, but the baseboards seem to get forgotten quite a bit.
4. Pick up 2 – 3 items from the grocery store this week. If you don’t already have your turkey be sure to check the prices. It is just about sale time!
5. Make ahead and freeze one dish or dessert. See proper freezing tips and tricks HERE.

The count down is on and I am more prepared this year then I have ever been. I sure hope these tips are helping to keep you organized and prepared for your big holiday meal also.

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