Tuesday Tips – Top 8 Spring Cleaning Must Do’s

I am happy to report that I strongly believe that winter is over! I have seen lots of sunshine, heard many birds chirping, lots of dogs outside barking like crazy and kids actually off the couch and out in the fresh air running around. You know what that means. Spring is in the air! That also means it is time to open up the house, get some fresh air in and the stale winter smell and dust out! Spring Cleaning time!

If you know me at all, you know I am that friend that throws everything in the closet and sprays around some febreeze 5 minutes before company arrives. I hate cleaning, and will find any excuse possible to avoid it. Except for Spring Cleaning. Something about being able to open my windows for the first time in 5 months really gets me in the mood to just git er’ done! Well, today is that day.

Top 8 Spring Cleaning Must Do's ! Bonus: FREE Printable Checklist! DailyDIYLife.com

My spring cleaning started out with a BANG yesterday morning. I was getting ready to do up my dishes, and was rinsing out the sink when all of a sudden there was lots of water coming from the cabinet under the sink. A pipe decided it needed to separate from the main pipe and gush water all over my “junk cabinet” contents. After throwing away about 300 grocery bags, 5 half used candles and 3 or 4 empty (now filled with water) coffee cans, I was able to get the rest of the stuff out, fix the pipe and clean and organize under the sink. One big Spring Cleaning job complete! Not by choice, but that’s irrelevant isn’t it?

I am a list maker by nature, so I have a long long list of things that need to be done this weekend for our Spring Clean-a-thon. For now I will just give you my “Must Do’s” to get the ball rolling. Once you get going on the must do’s you are bound to keep going and get your home ready for the fun happenings of spring and summer.

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My Top 8 Spring Cleaning Must Do’s


  • Clear the clutter – When we are homebound for a few months, things begin to accumulate in every corner of every room. Pick up and organize the magazines and books you have been reading. The kids toys, give them a run through the dishwasher disinfect and organize. Clean out under your kitchen sink (ok that was for me, but you really do feel better when it’s over!)
  • Clean under and behind big items ( furniture, stove fridge) – This tip is especially important if you have pets. Dust and fur gets trapped behind appliances and furniture. Our dog sheds quite a bit, so this gets done pretty regularly, but now is the perfect time to move those bigger items and get out the fuzzys.
  • Clean and dust normally ignored items (light fixtures, stove hood, top of cabinets) – Focus on the items you don’t pay attention to every day. While you are doing the light fixtures, also give a wipe to the fan blades too. They will be turned on very soon, you don’t want all that dust back into your carpet.

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  • Wash your windows – We have lots of great tips on How to get your windows sparkling clean. You want to be able to see that sunshine you have been missing for the last 5 months.
  • Clean your carpets – If you don’t own a carpet shampooer, most local grocery stores will rent them out for a pretty reasonable fee. Get all the dust mites up and gone before summer begins. If you don’t have carpet in your house, polish the hard wood with a good quality polish.
  • Change out your wardrobe – Pack away heavy coats, blankets and winter clothes. Ziploc has a wonderful line of affordable vacuum storage bags. Wash or dry clean your coats and large comforters then seal them away properly. This will also give you more room.
  • Clean your gutters and rain guards- With spring comes lots of rain. Dried twigs and leaves have probably accumulated in your gutters over the last few months. Be sure to get them completely cleaned out so no flooding or damage happens this season.
  • Switch out those shovels and bags of salt for a garden hose and potting soil! – My favorite tip of all!! I am so sick of seeing the snow shovel as part of my front porch décor! Planters, garden hose, fresh flowers are so much more appealing!

Once you get the bigger tasks out of the way, the smaller every day chores will happen naturally.

Whenever possible, seek the help of your spouse and children. You are not the only one that has made the mess. If you have boys like I do, odds are you didn’t make any of the mess ?  I’m just saying!


Do you have your own Must Do’s for Spring Cleaning? I would love to hear how you tackle the job!


Spring - It's natures way of saying Let's Party! - Robin Williams