Try To Make DIY Crepe Paper Poinsettia


With rising living standards, Chinese women on the quality of life are increasingly high, although the market an array of all kinds of crafts, household items and more abundant, but still can not meet people personalized, fun needs, so Some previously because they can not buy or traditional handmade project only appeared in order to save money are increasingly sought after by urban women.

Creating on a daily basis comes with its balance of craft fails and successes. Though not always fearless, I have learned that part of the creative process includes failing, as it’s those little “craft fails” that make you grow, learn and appreciate.

Things You’ll Need

Crepe paper, flat sheets (I used white and yellow)
Watercolor paint, brush and plastic plate or palette (optional)
Hot glue
Floral wire or thin jewelry wire, 24-gauge or thinner
Floral tape

Note: I think tissue paper would work well if you can’t find crepe paper in flat sheets. However, I don’t think you can paint it with watercolor because it’s so delicate, so I recommend skipping that step if you use tissue paper.


Optional: Real “white” poinsettias have a yellow-green tint. If you wish, you can dye your white crepe paper by making a mixture of watercolor paint in a plastic plate or palette (2:1 ratio of yellow to green paint). Brush lightly onto the paper until covered, and then allow the paper to dry.


Cut five petals in varying sizes. Those pictured are approximately 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch and 5-inch petals. You will need five of each size (25 total), and as you can see, they do not have to be perfect.

Next, prepare the wire. Cut 25 strips of floral wire or thin jewelry wire that are all 2 1/2 inches long.


With hot glue, attach a strip of wire to a 1-inch petal, placing half of the wire on the center of the petal and leaving the other half below the petal. Wait until the glue is cool enough to handle and roll the bottom of the petal between your fingers so the paper adheres to the wire. Leave some of the wire at the top uncovered, as this is where you will glue the stamens later on.


Cover the bottom of the wire with floral tape.


Repeat this process for the remaining 24 petals. When gluing the wire on the bigger petals, make sure you leave stems long enough so that you can bunch them together later.


Group the 1-inch petals together (wires facing inside) and wrap them together with floral tape.


Continue attaching the 2-inch petals, two at time, around the 1-inch petals and wrapping with floral tape until you have all your petals attached. Repeat with the 3-inch petals and 4-inch petals, and end with the 5-inch petals.


Take some yellow crepe paper and cut out five 1-inch by 1/2-inch strips. Roll between your fingers to form little balls, and then use hot glue to attach them to the tips of the visible wires on the 1-inch petals.

Some poinsettias have tight petals, but others are farther apart. Shape the petals as you wish.


Display your beautiful creation as a single flower, or make an entire bouquet for your next holiday event. These make beautiful party guest favors or even gift toppers.