Transformed ordinary bathrooms into extraordinary spa-like retreats

Four DIYers transformed ordinary bathrooms into extraordinary spa-like retreats.

Before: Builder-Basic Bath

This bathroom is neat, organized and perfectly functional, but the run-of-the mill fixtures and finishes aren’t what the homeowners have in mind. Sent in by Rate My Space contributor InspiredGuys.

After: Chic and Contemporary

Rate My Space contributor InspiredGuys completely gutted their standard-size bathroom to better suit their modern style. They took advantage of the high 14-foot ceiling by running the tile all the way up and installing four-inch recessed lighting. The vanity, sink and waterfall faucet were purchased online, and the oversize mirror was cut locally to fit the exact space.

Before: Blah Master Bath

Rate My Space contributor 9605112 is lucky to have such a large master bath, but the stock vanity and countertop are nothing special.

After: Handy Hubby

Rate My Space contributor 9605112 can thank her handy husband for this chic, contemporary remodel. With heated floors, mosaic tile, wall-mounted faucets and a strategically placed flat-screen TV, this bath is far from bland now.She acted as the designer, and her husband skillfully made her ideas reality.

Before: Cramped and Unclean

Rate My Space contributor cprestonoc has a lot of work to do to turn this into a spa.This shower doesn’t look like a very appealing place to get clean: the moldy walls and dirty glass enclosure are the opposite of hygienic.

After: Sparkling Spa

Beautiful, clean and spacious, this bathroom is dramatically transformed from the room’s previously shabby state. A spacious multi-person shower with elegant marble tile, frameless glass doors and a ceiling-mounted rainfall shower head turns bathtime into relaxing “me” time.

Before: Bare-Bones Bathroom

No toilet, no sink, not a single luxury: there really isn’t much to salvage in this Victorian bathroom. Rate My Space contributor oldhousemama has a real job ahead of her to rehab this demolished space.

After: Polished to Perfection

Rate My Space contributor oldhousemama and her husband spent five years reconstructing their Queen Anne-style home. They found an expert to restore the original 100-year-old tub and added period details like honeycomb floor tile and wide Victorian-era door casings.