Tissue paper crafts

Paper is excellent decorating material. You can fold, glue, colour and tie paper and create a huge amount of forms and shapes. If you want to spice up your apartment or your garden and not only for some special occasions, check out following tutorials.

1. Garland

Make some colourful, fan-shaped folded paper garlands. You can use them for birthday parties, tea- parties, garden parties or you can use them just for fun.


2. Flowers made of tissue-paper

Make beautiful giant flowers from really thin tissue paper/ silk paper. You may combine different colours when creating your flowers. Your flowers can dangle from the ceiling, or you can place them on the table as a centrepiece or can even use them as wall decoration. They are really very showy!


3. Flowers for Mother’s Day

Surprise your mom with a tea-party and decorate the table with beautiful DIY flowers.

for Mother's Day

4. Paperwheel

New lanterns at „paperwheel”. Not the classical round ones. Paper wheels backdrop. Easy to make, all you have to do is fold some deco-papers and fix them.


5. Are you planning a birthday party?

Surprise your birthday-kid with a huge DIY number decoration.


6. Tissue paper easter eggs

Easter egg decorations for kids. You won’t not need anything else but a big sheet of paper, some pencils, glue, scissors and coloured paper. It’s very simple, kids can make it easily.