You’ll Never Guess What He Used About This Stunning Bejeweled Mirror Is So Cheap and Easy !

Now this is a real stunner and you’re gonna have to have one of these fabulous ornamental mirrors after you see how easy it is to make…and cheap! I made three of these beautiful mirrors for my dining room and it looks divine! It really makes a huge difference in my dining room decor!


It’s unbelievable that this decorative mirror is made with cardboard! And, how brilliant is it to frame out the jewels with narrow cardboard strips? This is one clever DIY project and costs very little to make. The final results look like a very expensive ornate piece that was purchased in an upscale store.

I’m currently working on a larger one for my Mother’s birthday. I think she’s gonna love it! I gonna have to make some of these for Christmas presents. My family loves all the great DIY gifts that I give them and I sure am glad because it saves me a ton of money.

No wonder we’re always searching the DIY sites for unique projects! The people who think this stuff up are brainiacs and I’m so grateful for their intelligent minds. We get to be the benefactors of all this brilliance!

Mark Montano’s DIY craft tutorials are the bomb! I always look forward to the cool ideas he comes up with! Watch how he makes these awesome mirrors in his step by step tutorial so you can get busy making these too!