This Looks Like King Kong’s Popsicle Sticks But Watch What He’s Making! (ARTSY!)

This Looks Like King Kong’s Popsicle Sticks But Watch What He’s Making! (ARTSY!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Ok, now I’ve seen it all! This is so incredibly clever and different! When I ran across this tutorial, I had to stop and take a closer look! My first thought was that he was making children’s doll house furniture with popsicle sticks, but no, this was actually made for adults and children! I was completely dumbfounded by how cute it is!

I just love this guy’s artistic brain! I never cease to be amazed by what DIYers come up with! You think this guy loves popsicles? I tend to think so! I love popsicles and I love what he does in this craft project! I thought this was one that all of you had to see! Kids think this is the coolest bench ever! Although, I’m sure it will be a daily reminder when you run out of popsicles! Oops!

Well, you know I had to have one of these! I love bright colors and unique things, so I got my husband to help me with making this wonderful bench.  Apparently someone on Pinterest spotted this popsicle stick bench at Disneyland in Bugs Life area of California Adventure! So, I’m not sure if Steve Ramsey thought this up or saw it the same place the lady on Pinterest did…that’s neither here nor there, at least I found the tutorial!

This is such a great project for the Dads and Grandfather’s out there to make for their children!

Watch how Steve Ramsey does this in his step by step tutorial and snag those men in your life to help you make one of these!