These Goldfish Have An Incredible Secret, Watch To Find Out What It Is…

These Goldfish Have An Incredible Secret, Watch To Find Out What It Is… | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you love goldfish, this is a brilliant way to have some and the bowl stays clean automatically! I ran across this video and put on the brakes immediately. I think it’s the cutest thing ever!

Now these are the kind of pets I love! You don’t ever have to clean the bowl and you never have to remember to feed them! My kids think this is the neatest thing since apple pie and so do I! I think this is simply adorable and looks so cute sitting on a bookshelf.

I’ve seen all kinds of wild ideas for putting these goldfish in, with the resin. I always wanted to put fake goldfish in a blender on my cabinet, but I didn’t know how to keep them from floating to the top in water.  Now I can do it with the resin, for the water and make my goldfish out of polymer clay so it really will look real! I have a crazy sense of humor, but it sure will be a conversation piece!

You can make little earrings in clear balls, or rings, by using the same technique. Just use your imagination, or go on Pinterest and check out what other people have done with this. You’ll be amazed…I was!

These make fun gifts to give to friends, especially if they love zany things like this. They make great little gifts to give to kids too! My kids went wild over making this and other things with resin. We used bottle caps and put charms and other things in them, then turned them into magnets for our refrigerator! They make great charms too!

Watch how she makes this adorable little fish bowl and you can have one too!