These 3 Clever & Affordable DIY Tips For Kitchen

It’s not only cute, with its cheery mix of blue and orange; it’s also filled with “why didn’t I think of that” moments.Sometimes you see a space so perfectly thought out that you can’t look away. You keep finding things that jump out at you, and think repeatedly, “That’s so simple,” “That’s so clever,” or “I would never have thought of that!” Beth & Nick’s kitchen was one of those spaces for me.

1. This kitchen proves that it can look great, and painting offers you the possibility for a relatively quick change (or at least, quicker than tearing down and installing new tile), and it’s highly customizable. Before this “glass tile” version, Beth and Nick had a more traditional painted tile backsplash. For instructions, tips, and ideas, click through.Painted Backsplash: Believe it or not, this backsplash is not real tile. For a versatile, low-cost, and renter-friendly option, consider painting your backsplash.


2. Under-the-Cabinet Spice Storage: I love the simple, clean lines of this look, and it allows you to keep all your most-used spices handy without cluttering the counter or using much-needed cabinet space. Simple baby food jars, printable labels, and heavy-duty Velcro fasteners are an affordable solution to the perpetual spice-organization conundrum. For more details, click through.


3. Under-the-Cabinet Tablet Holder:This “disappearing” solution folds up neatly when it’s not in use— but when you need it, it ensures that your counter stays clear and your tablet stays clean. For more details and a tutorial, click through. Whether you prefer cookbooks, or a tablet for recipes, you want to keep them safely out of the way of messy ingredients. And, if counter space is at a premium, you don’t want to clutter your counter space with any additional items.


Beth and Nick’s home is full of other great ideas, and you can check out all their DIY undertakings at Sawdust & Embryos.