There Are 6 Ways To Use the “Little Walls” in Your Home

Don’t let the space go to waste.

Usually two or three feet wide, they’re often the transition space between two rooms and they’re often not used for much of anything. Do you have a little wall in your home? Here are six examples of smart and stylish ways to use them in your home to add more function and more beauty.

1.Hanging Storage

They hung horizontal racks Look how much function this family squeezed out of this small wall. (this looks like GRUNDTAL rails and hooks from IKEA) to hold herbs, utensils and towels.


2.Create a Message Center

Groceries lists, the week’s menu, reminders and save-the-dates can all be writ large on a chalkboard paint wall for everyone in the house to see.


3.Make a Seating Area

Place a chair or small bench against a little wall as an extra spot to put on your shoes, take a phone call or just plop for a minute when you need a rest.


4.Make an Art Space for Kids

A chalkboard wall just for them can be reused over and over for drawing and doodling.Especially in a small home, it can be be hard finding a place for kids to do art.


5.More Space to Hang Art

It can be hard to fill a large wall with art – but a small wall is much easier and an opportunity to display more of the things that you love.


6.Add Color to Your Home

The bold color in this doorway adds an unexpected element of fun to the space.This nearly-neon wall is in a home that is otherwise composed mostly of neutral and muted colors.