The Many Benefits to the LeMans Corner Pullout


The LeMans pullout is as smooth as butter. The top and bottom shelves pivot independently and extend completely out of the blind corner cabinet for complete accessibility. Each shelf can hold up to 65 pounds making this unit the perfect space to store anything from pots and pans to large countertop appliances like crockpots, toaster ovens or a waffle maker. 

The LeMans pullout can work in framed or frameless cabinetry and comes in several different sizes to accommodate most corner spaces. 

A few year’s ago I helped my grandparents with their kitchen remodel. Their house was built in the 1950’s and like so many people they had a large blind corner cabinet with no pullout. Just one big open hole. Up until the kitchen renovation my Grandmother used this cabinet regularly, storing various kitchen essentials inside. More times than not she would have to get down on her hands and knees and actually remove certain items in order to get to the specific piece she was looking for. She used the space, yes, but doing so was anything but simple or convenient. As we discussed the plans for their new kitchen design I made sure to incorporate a Le Mans pullout into the corner cabinet. I told my grandparents about this new feature but it wasn’t until their new cabinetry was installed and they actually began moving their stuff back in and utilizing the space, that they fully understood the beauty of the LeMans. Like so many of my clients, they find themselves wondering what they did before this feature every time they use it. The LeMans is just so smooth and easy and truly allows you to discover and utilize a space in your kitchen so many people never get to. 

Today there are so many organizational cabinetry components available, allowing any amount of your space to go completely or marginally un-utilized, no matter how big or how small ,is just not acceptable. If you are in the market for a new kitchen and will have a blind corner cabinet, be sure to research and inquire about the many blind corner options available to ensure you capture as much storage space as possible. A great kitchen is a considered one that works for you and your family and makes the very best of the space you have. Products like the LeMans pullout will help you do just that and will turn a once void space into something functional and useable.