Thanksgiving Day Fun! The After Party!

Thanksgiving Day Fun! The After Party! Daily DIY

If you are anything like me, you have spent the last 4 weeks prepping and preparing for Your Thanksgiving Meal. The big day has finally arrived. Your turkey is cooked to perfection and every appetizer and side dish is picture perfect and seasoned flawlessly (OK that is really not how things go in my house … but lets pretend for now!) .The amazing meal you have prepared for all of your loved ones you are ever so thankful for has been precisely displayed on your AMAZING holiday Table. Just like this one from Making My Apartment a Home.


If your looking for an awesome table scape on a budget be sure to stop by an see how Anj put this Thrifty Thanksgiving Table together!


Everyone is content, bellies are full and it’s time to relax and make some memories. This is how we have a little Thanksgiving Day Fun!  In our family we save dessert for a little later in the day when we actually have some room in our stomach to eat again. We love to make a night of it with a few great Thanksgiving Movies and delicious sweet treats.

On our dessert table this year you just might find some wonderful pies, cookies and cakes. A few of our favorites we will definitely  include are ..

2 Ingredient Pumpkin Cake - Daily DIY

Moist and Delicious Pumpkin Cake! Just 2 ingredients to make this easy cake. Anyone can do it!


ACORNucopia Cake - I Realy Love

ACORNucopia Cake from – A perfect mix of chocolate and peanut butter all rolled into a spice cake base. I love those adorable little acorns on the top. You can learn how to make them here too! How cute are they?!


Russian Tea Cookies - Sassy Townhouse

Russian Tea Cookies are another family favorite! Sassy Townhouse Living has a quick an easy recipe for perfectly nutty and sweet Russian Tea Cookies that will satisfy any dessert craving.


Pillows and blankets end up on the floor and we spend the rest of the night watching some classic Thanksgiving Movies. We always have a debate on which movies to watch since we love them all. One of our favorites is definitely Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Have you seen this hilarious classic comedy?

Planes Trains and Automobiles -

Sue from Housekaboodle has an awesome review right now on her website. She even shows some inside the house photos where some of the funniest scenes were made.

Another one of our all time favorites and a must watch is by far a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown?

Thanksgiving Movie Selections Found on Netflix - Tidbits of

Are you looking for other great Thanksgiving Movie ideas to unwind after a long fun filled day? Netflix has plenty of them, and Crystal from Tidbits of Experience has searched up all of her favorites so you don’t have to.


Spiced Sweet Apple Cider - Daily DIY

Desserts, a movie and a warm cup of perfectly Spiced Sweet Apple Cider  is a wonderful way to end a fantastic day.

Did you know I was born and raised in Plymouth, MA? I sure was! the exact spot where the Pilgrims and Indians had the first Thanksgiving. You can read a little bit about what it was like here Growing up in Plymouth, MA – Thanksgiving memories. Just another reason why family traditions and making memories are so important to me. As is teaching my children to be thankful for each and every day we are able to spend with each other. Life is to short, we need to live it and love it to the fullest every single day.

Do you have any family traditions? I love hearing how others make their days special!

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