Super Bowl BINGO !! Fun FREE Printables for the BIG Game!

Everyone loves an awesome Super Bowl party! Even if your favorite team is, unfortunately missing the big game. You can still have a great time with these fun Super Bowl Bingo cards.  Playing bingo during the game is exciting, interactive, and entertaining for sports fans of all ages. The kids will especially love being a part of the fun, and who knows it just might turn them into a big sports fan!

Super Bowl Bingo Cards - FREE Printable!!

We have created 4 different Super Bowl Bingo cards for you to print and one blank bingo card. The game is played just like regular bingo, with TV happenings instead of numbers. Once you see (or hear) one of the events on your bingo card, simply mark that spot with a pen, piece of candy or another token of your choice. When you have 5 in a row, yell BINGO!

If prizes are awarded, think on a smaller scale as this can go on all night. If you have lots of people at your Super Bowl party, break the game up into groups of 4, or print off more than 4 bingo cards and see who is really paying attention. First to yell BINGO wins! You can also just print the blank bingo card as many times as you need and fill in your own squares before the game starts.

Super Bowl Bingo Cards - FREE Printable!!


Click the image above to print your Super Bowl Bingo cards. Clicking the image will take you to google docs. There you will be able to print all 4 bingo cards. The Super Bowl Bingo cards print one card per sheet of paper, unless otherwise changed by you in your computer printer settings. Be sure to UNCHECK the box labeled “fit to window” on your print screen to ensure the cards print correctly.

If you are looking for more Game Day Printables, we have a full set of NFL party FREE printables you are sure to love. Have fun, and may the best team win!

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