St. Patrick’s Day Kids Activity Page – Leprechaun Color Sorting

This winter seems to be never ending around here. The cold and snow has taken it’s tole on everyone I know. With St. Patrick’s day upon us, we have a fun St Patrick’s Day Kids Activity page – FREE printable to keep the kids exercising their brain and having fun with colors during these chilly pre-spring days.

St. Patrick's Day Kids Activity page - Leprechaun Color Sorting :

I have found using skittles or fruit loops are perfect for this fun St Patricks Day kids activity. They can learn a little, and have a snack as a treat after completing their page. Of course you can use anything that you have around the home in rainbow colors, even colored slips of paper will work just fine.

Here is what you will need: St. Patrick's Day Kids Activity page - Leprechaun Color Sorting : FREE Leprechaun Color Sorting sheet – PRINT NOW

Skittles, fruit loops, or other rainbow items. atleast 3 -4 of each color.

Instructions: Mix all the colors together in a small bowl. Sort the colors into the right color circle. You can do this at your own pace, or add a timer if you want to give your child a bit of a challenge.

St Patricks Day - Leprechaun Color Sorting :


My adorable and super smart nephew Elijah had a blast sorting his colors!

I think he did a perfect job, what do you think?


St Patricks Day - Leprechaun Color Sorting :


For the teens: We did a blind taste test with skittles to see what “color” they were eating. Using check marks in the circles for how many they tasted.

I would love to hear how your little Leprechaun sorted their colors! What did they use? How did they like it? Leave me a message in the comments below! Happy St. Patricks Day !! May the luck of the Irish be with you!