Simple And Easy DIY Small Bathroom Ideas You Can Follow



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I, for one, love my small bathroom. It’s compact, easy to navigate, and best of all it doesn’t take up too much valuable space in my New York City apartment! Also, in such a small space it’s easy to make a big impact with a little change, such as a new shower curtain, a tiny shelf, or an unexpected pop of color. Here are twenty-five ways you can add a little style to your little room.

1. Design Love Fest sews and stamps this cute laundry hamper.
2. Little Green Notebook shares this adorable no-sew sink skirt.
3. Pretty Prudent shares a no-sew version of an embroidery hoop hamper. This would be great hanging from the back of a small bathroom door.
4. Whitney crocheted these beautiful cotton washcloths over at the Purl Bee. There’s nothing quite like a handmade washcloth!
5. This hand-embroidered bath mat from Sincerely Kinsey is a fun touch for a small bathroom — just be sure to use colorfast yarn!
Shower Curtains:

6. Design the Life You Want to Live turns a washable cabled IKEA blanket into a cozy shower curtain.
7. Bright embroidery jazzes up a neutral bathroom in this fun geometric DIY shower curtain, from Design Love Fest.
8. Martha Stewart turns two towels into an unexpected terrycloth shower curtain.
9. Centsational Girl uses a favorite fabric to create this beautiful lined shower curtain. This is a great basic tutorial for window curtains as well!
10. A bold, dark pipe shower curtain rod has a lot more presence than a basic tension rod. From Desert Domicile.

11. A simple painted stripe created a faux framed mirror at Rice Designs. This is a great idea for a rental where you’re stuck with a frameless mirror!
12. Design Love Fest created this small amethyst mirror, a perfect focal point for a jewel-box sized bathroom.
13. A Beautiful Mess shares a simple, modern mirror DIY. I would love to see several lined up — I think they would look like modern portholes!
14. This petite wood slice mirror is just the right size for getting up close to apply eyeliner or check that your part is just right. From Desert Domicile.
15. DIY Network shares a tutorial for turning old crates into deep-framed mirrors.

16. Lazy Cozy silk-screened linoleum tiles for her bathroom. Doing this for anything other than a small space would take a lot of patience!
17. An Apartment Therapy Tutorial for painting and stenciling vinyl floors.
18. Stenciling the subfloor is a great solution when you’re not sure if you’ll love lots of pattern — at the worst you can just cover it back up with more paint or tiles. From Young House Love.
19. Little Green Notebook shares a tutorial for painting laminate cabinets. I can’t believe the difference in the before and after shots!
20. A Beautiful Mess turned a sad, old laminate surface into a modern concrete countertop.

21. Design Sponge shares the tutorial for this narrow rope shelf.
22. This simple magnetic strip inside the medicine cabinet frees up a lot of valuable shelf space. From Superwoman.
23. My So-Called Home adds an above-the-door shelf for extra storage in the bathroom.
24. A long row of cubbies keeps the necessities within easy reach, but off of the countertop and sink edges. From Itsy Bits and Pieces.
25. Spark and Chemistry created this clever small-space towel rack that rests flat against the wall. I often wish I could reclaim the five inches taken up by my jutting towel rack — every little bit counts when space is tight.