Simple And Fun Christmas Craft Idea You Can Do With The kids

Christmas craft idea5

Christmas is coming, what do you want to send a gift?Look at this idea,simple and covenivent.

I shared this simple and fun Christmas craft idea  you can do with the kids.

For this project you’ll need thick cardboard or chipboard ornaments, washi tape and an xacto knife – that’s it!

Christmas craft idea1

These particular DIY ornaments had a white ribbon already attached, so first I removed the ribbon so the kids could decorate the ornaments.

Step 1: Add Christmas-colored washi tape to ornaments.

Step 2: Parents – use an xacto knife to cut off the excess washi tape.

Christmas craft idea2

Step 3: Decorate back side of ornaments with washi tape.

Step 4: Parents – use an xacto knife to cut off excess tape.

Christmas craft idea3

I then tied the ribbon back on the ornaments and that’s it – ready to hang on the tree!

Christmas craft idea4

My youngest is 5 and she loved working on this ornament craft! Younger children could also easily decorate the ornaments – you just might have to rip the tape for them and they can place it on wherever they like. For more washi tape ideas, feel free to check out my other posts.