Simple and Easy Halloween craft idea

Simple and Easy Halloween craft idea

I gathered four plastic milk jubs draw some cute little Halloween faces on them to create a very frugal, yet super fun, craft project!Simple and Easy Halloween craft idea

Items Needed for this project:

Empty milk jugs
Sharpie marker
Knife or X-acto knife
Mini lights
Here’s how we made our easy Halloween Craft Milk Jug Ghosts:

1. Clean out your empty milk jug.

2. Draw out your Halloween face using a pencil and then complete the face with a permanent sharpie marker. I found the big one called the Sharpie Pro as seen here on Amazon works very well for this. If you need ideas for Halloween faces be sure to look these 25 printable Halloween face templates here.

3. On the opposite side of the face, cut a 3 sided opening flap just about 2 inches wide and 2 inches tall. (I would highly suggest the adults handle this step)

4. Place a few rocks in the bottom of your milk jugs to weigh them down. They are so light that if someone bumps them they will fall. Or if you place them outdoors you don’t want them to blow away.

5. In the same opening, add part of the string of lights in it. Then lead the lights to the next opening. I added about 5 to 7 lights in each jug.Simple and Easy Halloween craft idea