She Shows Us Step By Step How To Paint This Awesome Mandala On Canvas (Watch!)

She Shows Us Step By Step How To Paint This Awesome Mandala On Canvas (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I was amazed at how easy AllCraftDIY does this painting of a Mandala.  I wanted to share this tutorial with you so you could try out your artistic skills…the ones that you don’t know lay within!

I’m an artist and haven’t taken a single art class. My skills developed from just practicing painting different things and my painting skills developed over time. After years of practice, I’ve painted many things and a lot of them have been pet portraits for people. So, you never know what a little practice can lead to! Try this…it’s a great way to find out about how creative you can be!

After watching this tutorial, I realized that this is nothing more than doodling, but doing it with paint. Don’t be intimidated by this DIY project…after all, what do you have to lose? You can always paint over any mistakes with Gesso.Use one of your Michael’s coupons to buy a bottle of it. Make sure not to buy the clear Gesso though. The white has better coverage. It’s a wonderful base paint that covers everything!

This isn’t dress rehearsal, so experience everything you can and go for the opportunity to try out your painting skills. Acrylics are easy to paint with, but make sure to wash your brushes really good and never let them sit in the water…they will bend and won’t be usable for your next project.

Watch this terrific tutorial by this gal with AllCraftDIY. She shows you step by step how she does this and you can pause it at any time. Enjoy painting this beautiful Mandala!