She Recycles Old Magazines And Makes This Remarkably Stunning Container!

She Recycles Old Magazines And Makes This Remarkably Stunning Container! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Take all those old magazines you have lying around, and put them to work! That’s what Modern Martha by Kelsey has done. It’s colorful and fun, and you can put all kinds of things in there…especially your new magazines!

This has got to be one of the most economical craft projects of all times! These boxes are terrific for holding all sorts of things. Fill with pencils and you have a perfect teacher’s gift.

Make various sizes of boxes and use them to organize your desktop with some bright colors!

  • It’s recycling at it’s best!
  • Magazine pages are full of so many colors
  • The materials are dirt cheap (often free) and glue sticks are on sale everywhere this time of year.
  • It’s a feel good project because of all of the above!

I absolutely love the way these look when finished! I think they’re so unique and have made several of them in different sizes, but the first one I made has my magazines in it, of course!

My kids have gotten into this DIY project and helped me roll a bunch of these pieces of magazines. They are really fascinated with the way they turn out. And, sometimes, my husband will help me roll up some of these.

Since making these, I’ve seen so many cool projects made out of magazines and I love that you can give your old magazines a new life…what a beautiful new life too!

Watch how Kelsey, with Modern Martha makes this brilliant container in her step by step tutorial!