She Paints 4 Spindles Turquoise And What She Puts Them On Is Full Of Rustic Charm!

She Paints 4 Spindles Turquoise And What She Puts Them On Is Full Of Rustic Charm! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

She adds so much character to this DIY project by painting spindle type wooden legs a wonderful turquoise color.

I hadn’t seen this mix with pallet wood before and it gives this table such a charming eclectic look.  It has so much character and it’s amazing how it goes with so many different decors!

This table is also quite functional with the space allowed for books and such. If you’re in need of a coffee table, building this DIY table will save you a bunch of money and you’ll have something that is quite the conversation piece because it’s so unique looking!

The trend these days is that more and more people are mixing the rustic look into their decor…this style is quite popular. I just saw a colorfully painted (patina) and distressed dining table made out of a reclaimed vintage wood door and it had steel pipe legs. They were asking close to $600 for it. Before you buy something like this, check out some of these fabulous tutorials and make it yourself! You can make sure to get exactly what you want this way, plus you get to delight in the fact that you saved a lot of money and made it yourself!

You can find pallets all over the place. They’re used for carting heavy products such as bricks, tiles, timber and such, they’re normally dumped outside in the yard until they finally fall apart and get thrown away. Being a big recycling nut, I am always on the lookout for ways to use pallets and this project is just one more way to recycle them into usable and practical furniture.

Watch how Mr. Kate makes this cool table in her step by step tutorial and get busy making one of these unique pieces yourself!