She Makes This In A Mason Jar So Mouthwatering!


When I tasted this I was in heaven! Using the pecan shortbread cookies as the crust is a great thing to swap out your regular graham cracker crust with.If you’re looking for a fabulous dessert to make in a flash, this is your answer! There’s a scrumptious key lime pie at one of my favorite restaurants and they use pecans in their graham cracker crust…it’s to die for!

Keep cool with this quick & tasty no-bake dessert. It’s such a refreshing dessert! Swap out the predictable graham crackers for pecan shortbread and crush into crumbs for a quick, crunchy crust, then top with a cheesecake mixture of cream cheese, lemon juice, cream, sugar and strawberries. Once chilled, dessert lovers of all ages need only open up a jar to spread the summer happiness around!werwr

I had last minute company coming over and needed a quick dessert. I remembered this recipe and it saved the day! People from out of town are always coming for business with my husband so I have to have some quick recipes available when he drops the bomb on me! This recipe is always sure to impress!

Also, it’s always good to have a nice cool dessert to cool you off in the summertime, so this has become one of my go to desserts when neighbors come over to swim in our pool and visit.

So, if you want to learn how to make this yummy no bake dessert, watch this step by step tutorial!