She Makes This Colorful Knitted Scarf Brighten Up Any Outfit!

I love anything that is colorful…clothes, shoes, accessories and that includes this eye catching scarf! I just recently learned how to knit so I’m almost finished making this darling scarf! I’m so excited!

My mother has knitted tons of sweaters, but I never had an interest in knitting until recently. I found this to be very true and I’m so glad that I finally picked it up.I’ve watched some knitting tutorials and got kind of revved up about trying it, plus, I had read and article about how good knitting is for the mind and that it’s a very relaxing hobby.

My daughter got interested in knitting when she saw me doing it and now she’s off to the races with knitting and loves it! It makes me so happy to see this, since she’s the age when I wasn’t the least bit interested in doing it myself.

I plan to make some of these great scarfs for some Christmas gifts and I’m gonna surprise my Mom with one, since she doesn’t know that I’ve taken up knitting. She’ll be so excited about this!

The result is a quickly knit and simple eyelet scarf. The variegated yarn adds interest and makes for an easy yet engaging project.

Watch how hillsideartisans makes this in their step by step tutorial and get those knitting needles out!