She Makes These Cute And Whimsical Wind Chimes For Her Garden


In case you are wondering where I got all the buttons, you can buys bags or containers of them at craft stores and discount department stores. I bought mine mostly from Michaels, but I did pick some up at Walmart and JoAnn’s. You can also shop for them at Amazon.

You’ll need some canning lids too. I wanted a nice contrasting shape to the look, so I went with the canning lids and painted them. They also make a nice sound, which is important with wind chimes.

After I made these wind chimes, I was so pleased with how much fun they are…they are exactly what my yard needed! I love all of the colors and I plan on making some of these to give as gifts this holiday season. Everyone who comes over makes comments on how much they love them.

Colorful buttons and these brightly painted lids can add a touch of magic and charm…also a great whimsical look when used as decorative garden accents.

With a handful of buttons and a couple of simple tools, you can quickly transform a plain jane bag of buttons into something undeniably unique! You’re absolutely gonna love these hanging in your garden or yard!

Watch how Amanda Formaro makes this cool wind chime in her step by step tutorial.