She Makes Some Fun DIY Pet Projects (Great Ideas!)

She Makes Some Fun DIY Pet Projects (Great Ideas!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you’re just as crazy about your pets you need to watch this tutorial. We love our animals and they deserve a fancy collar, a cozy bed just like us, but pet beds are never cute and take away from all the hard work you put in to making your home look amazing. Pet teepees are the just about cutest way to merge both and give your home some extra bohemian flair. Sure, you can buy one online for a zillion dollars or you can check out the tee pee in one of these DIY tutorials on how to make your very own customized pet teepee for your fluffy babies.

Or maybe your kitty needs a scratching post and you want to save money by making this clever DIY scratching post. She makes come really cute collars in a matter of seconds…talk about saving money. Have you priced pet collars lately? Pick up a cheap collar at the Dollar Store or at Big Lots and go to town with your imagination!

Does your pet have itchy skin? If your pet is having a problem with itchy skin, she mixes up a great solution to this problem. All of the ingredients she uses are soothing shampoo for an animal with a rash or itchy skin.

If you have a guinea pig she makes a great little hut for them out of wooden dowels. They love having a cozy little hut to sleep or hang out in! Then she cleverly makes a clothes line to hang her guinea pig’s fruit and veggies on with clothes pins!

Watch this cute little step by step tutorial by Michelle Phan so you can get busy pampering your pets!