She Makes Sensational Oil Lamps Cheaper Than Candles And They Smell Great Too!

She Makes Sensational Oil Lamps Cheaper Than Candles And They Smell Great Too! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

These mason jar oil lamps are just brilliant! Not only do they create a lovely ambiance for a romantic dinner or the upcoming holidays, but they look beautiful, last longer than regular candles, are homemade, and will make your home smell absolutely delicious when you add your favorite essential oil to the mix. We just want to set these up all around the house.

What we like about this project is that you aren’t restricted to any specifics. You can actually use any glass jar, bottle or container that you may have around the house; can select whichever oil or combination of oils that you think smell the best; can add in your choice of decorations, such as pinecones, fruit, herbs, flowers or leaves; and of course, you can decorate the outside of the jar too. So there’s a lot of options to choose from, which is just the way we like to do DIY projects!

Last year we had a horrible snow and ice storm dumping over a foot of snow on the roads and power lines.  Our property is at the end of the line, so any power outages means that we will be the last ones to have our power restored.  This all boils down to us needing to be more prepared for a long power outage.

While my husband worked on solving the water and heating problems including installing a different insulation game plan and hand pump, I was working on lighting and cooking.  Thankfully we have a wood-burning stove and some cast iron skillets so cooking wasn’t be too difficult. The lighting was tricky because we are doing all of our updates on a tight budget.  Hence the idea of making my own candles.

Using what I already had available, I cut up some lemons, added water, olive oil, a couple of splashes of a nice essential oil and was able to put together some pretty oil lanterns. Let there be light!

Watch how this lovely lady with Pinbusters does this in her step by step tutorial so you can stop throwing away money on candles!