She Makes An Amazing Rustic Mirror From A Wooden Spoon (Watch!)

She Makes An Amazing Rustic Mirror From A Wooden Spoon (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I’m obsessed with these wire spools! I love the old, aged, unique look that they have. They’re like the new pallet. An exciting new item to be reused, repurposed or just left in its normal state.

Cable reels are being used for a lot of DIY projects these days. This is a particularly unique project. Many people make coffee tables, clocks, shelves and other useful things out of these and I love them, but I particularly love this great looking mirror!

This hallway mirror was created from the top on one such wooden spool and will add a lot of charm to any home! You can stain, paint or leave it in it’s natural state. Any way that you decide to finish this mirror will be lovely due to the unique texture of these wooden cable spools.

This mirror is lovely. This is definitely on my “to do list”. It’s a really great use of a spool.  I have some old mirrors I picked up at a hotel that was getting rid of them.  This is the perfect use for at least one of them!

Watch how Shabby DIY makes this awesome mirror in their step by step tutorial.