She Makes 5 Exquisite DIY Decor Projects On A Budget And They Are Awesome (Watch!)

She Makes 5 Exquisite DIY Decor Projects On A Budget And They Are Awesome (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I love the ethereal look of whites and off white decor with silver accents and this is exactly the look that Christine Kobzeff achieves in her DIY projects in her tutorial.

The first project she makes is this incredibly easy and inexpensive lampshade chandelier. I looks neither cheap nor inexpensive…far from it! It’s absolutely beautiful!

Then she makes a lovely mirrored mosaic wall hanging. I don’t know if you’ve ever done a mosaic project, but it’s so easy and the results are so fabulous! She had a cheap mirror that she broke into pieces and created an incredibly inexpensive piece of art.

Next, she makes an faux sheepskin pelt by purchasing a piece of faux Mongolian fur at the fabric store and simply cutting it in some shapely curves to lay over the back of her clear translucent chair. She suggests finding a fabric that’s not going to fray or shed.

Then she cuts up an old cable knit sweater and makes pillows for her little love seat to go with the faux fur pillow.

Lastly, she repurposes a silver sequin top and skirt, that she no longer wears, and makes pillows the same way she did with the cable knit sweaters . She puts those on her bed, adding a new texture and accent to offset the whites.

Don’t you love the way all of these projects flow together and create such a chic and sophisticated look?

Watch how Christine creates this fabulous decor in her step by step tutorial.