She Lavishly Updates Her Bedroom With The Ethereal Look of Shabby Chic (Lovely!)

She Lavishly Updates Her Bedroom With The Ethereal Look of Shabby Chic (Lovely!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Refinishing old frames is a great way to update your decor! It’s super cheap and makes a big difference! I buy most of my frames at yard sales, particularly looking at elderly peoples houses, they have the best! I’ve looked for really ornate, chunky frames that have a lot of ridges on them. Or you can do what this gal with The Creative Glow does and add your own embellishments with hot glue and fabric to give them to look of old picture frames.

I’ve always loved the soft look of shabby chic decor, but if you’ll notice it’s not just the furniture and coverings that make the shabby chic decor, it’s the little things like picture frames, limoges, old tea cups and what nots that are the final touches!

My daughter wanted to redo her room, so when I started planning a design for her room I wanted to do something feminine and whimsical. I really wanted it to be full of flowers, blush soft pinks, and specks of gold with a shabby chic touch.  Some of it is DIY projects, some of it was a collection of several thrift shops, yard sales and little boutiques.  I love having something different and special for my kids. I believe in being original and creative when decorating & finding inspiration from all over the place. I did some of these picture frames in her room and they are so sweet looking with the rest of the decor.

 Make a plain framed mirror look like a re-finished shabby chic frame for really cheap with this tutorial using hot glue, fabric and some paint! So watch how she does this in her step by step tutorial and make some of these precious frames.