She Easily Makes A Magnificent Embellished Rave Bra For Her Costume!


Talk about awesome….isn’t this the most beautifully adorned bra? The proper term for these bras, nowadays, is Rave Bra. These rhinestone bras can add major pizazz to any outfit. They’re perfect for a Halloween costume, music festivals, clubbing, with a slinky strappy camisole that barely shows the embellished bra or for simply spicing up your marriage!

For a subtle dose of sparkle, layer a rhinestone bra under a cardigan. You can make a rhinestone bra for less than you can purchase one at the lingerie store.

I saw one of these on Pinterest for $395! Heck, you could make these and put them up on Etsy, asking for half that price, and still make a profit, asking for half that price! Just check out Etsy for more fabulous ideas! I saw one that would be perfect for a mermaid costume. They had put large shells on the cups and embellished around the shells. The ideas are limitless with this project!

The cool thing about this project is that you can put just about anything you want on these bras to turn them into something magnificent…pearls, buttons, butterflies, pom poms, bottle caps, rhinstones, silk flowers, shells…you name it, the sky’s the limit with this DIY project.  All you have to do is use your imagination!

Watch how Andrea Garcia makes this spectacular bra in her step by step tutorial, so you can make one too!