She Added The Right Thing For Special Ambience to Her Mammoth Backyard By Doing This!

One of my favorite things to do is sit outside when it’s dark and the sky is full of stars. This is one of those things that will make for some great ambience on a night like that… this hanging solar light lantern is perfect for those nights when the sky isn’t lit up!

I love the charm of  lanterns. Budget-friendly and super simple to make, their warm light brings a relaxing setting to any outdoor party. While flickering candlelight is perfect for a special occasion, I really wanted a lantern that glow all summer long. I quickly decided that making them solar powered was the way to go.

There are many great tutorials for solar lights, but by the time I decided to try making one myself, I realized that changes in solar garden light design had made it even easier to transfer from stake to this cool lantern!

This lantern has a modern-asian type design and looks fabulous in the yards of modern homes or art deco designs. I made a few of these for our landscaping since we love having parties in our backyard and this type of lighting is soft, adding a nice ambience to our yard.

Watch Woodwork Web make this cool lantern in their step by step tutorial so you can make one too!