Room-by-Room Decorating Ideas for Mobile Christmas Trees

Give your mobile Christmas tree a different look for each room in the house with clever decorating ideas. From an outdoor room to the kitchen, each space can easily celebrate the holidays in style.

Create the Ultimate Holiday Entryway

When decorating a mobile Christmas tree for your home’s entryway, there are few rules. If you’re planning to give the tree a new identity based on what room it sits in while entertaining, it’s smart to keep the decor minimal. Homeowners looking to simply move the mobile tree back and forth from the front and rear entrances will get more bang for their buck by decorating it in the same color scheme that’s seen throughout the home’s interior.

Choose Your Theme and Palette

This home’s holiday decor is a mix of black, white, red and layered metallics. Since this mobile tree was decorated to strictly blend in with multiple rooms without redecoration, the existing decor can remain as-is.

Pick a Coordinating and Functional Tree Skirt

To avoid changing the tree skirt out room by room, consider one with neutral colors such as black, white, beige or metallics which blend well with different looks.Choosing the proper tree skirt for your mobile tree is important in hiding the base and any bricks, sandbags or weights used to keep it held down securely. 

Make Sure Your Mobile Tree Is … Mobile!

All that’s needed is a screwdriver and pliers to keep nuts and bolts tight, as well as a can of all-purpose lubricant.Something to keep in mind before dressing your mobile tree, regardless of which room it will be set up in, is to ensure the wheels are secure and well-greased. 

Place Settings As Decor

To create sophisticated flatware tree decor, add an extra layer of visual interest to forks, knives and spoons with twine wrapped tightly around the bottom of each utensil. If mixing different finishes such as gold and silver, this extra layer will help unite them, resulting in a sleek, cohesive look.

Holiday Charm in the Family Hub

Go kitschy in the kitchen. An affordable and fun way to give your mobile tree culinary flair is to outfit it with everyday kitchen items repurposed as ornaments. This tree was covered with holiday cookie cutters updated with fabric and ribbon.

Straight-From-the-Kitchen Embellishments

Cookie-cutter ornaments for your kitchen’s mobile Christmas tree are easy to create. Simply gather an assortment of shapes as well as fabric or paper which coordinates with the tree’s overall decor. Cut and attach paper to the backs of each cookie cutter with tape, then tie ribbon, twine or string around the top.

Colorful and Glam Tree Update

Interior designers often find girls’ rooms the most fun to decorate. This is especially true for the holidays which are often about color and sparkle. Give your girl’s room a fun, feminine holiday update with a poppy, playful mobile tree. Choose a white Christmas tree, then decorate it with unexpected holiday colors like turquoise, pink and violet.

“Pretty in Pink” Tree Skirt

When it comes to tree skirts on mobile trees in girls’ rooms, go big. Add an extra-comfortable layer to the bottom of the tree with a bundled-up comforter stuffed inside the vessel. This warm, plush look adds to the overall dreamy vibe meant for a girls’ bedroom.

Charming, Feminine Vignette

Since presents are usually tucked below a home’s main Christmas tree, it’s unlikely that mobile Christmas trees in bedrooms will be as plentiful with wrapped boxes. Instead, create a vignette around bedroom trees with objects from the room itself, such as art or cherished objects.

A Playful Twist on Christmas Tree Decor

Let’s face it: Boys’ rooms and Christmas decorations don’t usually go hand in hand. Make Christmas decorating fun with a boys’-inspired mobile Christmas tree decorated as a larger-than-life snowman. To do this, first create a snowman head and face from a large, foam floral sphere and place it at the top of the tree. Next, add two scarves just below the head. To create the look of coat buttons, line up between three and seven black ornaments in the center of the tree. Lastly, give the snowman arms with branches placed roughly two-thirds of the way up on each side.

Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Outdoor Space

Small juniper and cypress trees are the best fits for mobile trees meant for outdoor use. Since these live, organic trees are taller and narrower than artificial versions, it’s smart to consider placing them in taller, squatter vessels rather than low, oblong wash tubs. For this outdoor dining area, a cypress was placed into an old wine crate outfitted with casters.

Weatherproof Tree Decor

Outdoor tree decor needs to be able to withstand the elements, even if kept under a covered area. When choosing ornaments and garland for outdoor mobile trees, stick with those made from organic materials such as metal and glass, and stick with garlands made from burlap or organic ribbon.

Repurposed Wine Crate

Since this outdoor entertaining area is used frequently for enjoying wine and appetizers with friends, its mobile vessel, a repurposed wine crate, was the perfect fit. In order to turn a crate into a mobile vessel, all that’s needed is a set of casters, a drill and screws.