Quick & Easy way to Make Pom Poms

Do you remember when you were young and you were taught how to make pom poms using those flimsy cut out cardboard circles? It would take forever just to wrap the yard around the circle. Then when it was time to cut and tie the center, all the tiny little pieces of yarn would go all over the place. You had to stop and round them all up again before you could continue. Well, those days are officially over! We have found a super quick and incredibly easy way to rock out multiple pom poms in the time it would take to make just one with those crazy cardboard circles. We are also going to show you what we did with all of ours.

Are you ready to make pom poms the new fashioned way instead of the old fashioned way? I know you are! So lets get started!

Take a look at this !! …………


Quick & Easy way to Make Pom Poms !!

Quick & Easy Finger Pom Poms - Daily DIY Life.com


What you will need:

Yarn in your favorite rockin’ color!


The best tool ever – Your HANDS!

1. place the tail of the yarn between your ring finger and your pinky just to keep the yarn in place while you wrap.

2. wrap the yarn around your index finger and your middle finger. 20 times. (the more you wrap it the more full it will be. You can also choose to wrap around 3 or 4 fingers to make bigger pom poms.) cut your yarn. Cut a separate piece about 6 inches long.  You can trim this later.

3. Push the 6 inch piece between your 2 fingers bringing both ends up in a V shape. Carefully  wiggle the loops off your fingers.

4. Tie a secure knot in the center of all your loops.

5.Snip in the center of each loop on both sides. Trim your strands of yarn so it is even all the way around.

That is all there is to it! A perfect fluffy little circle of happiness that takes about 5 minutes to make from start to finish.

So now what are you going to do with them all after you make pom poms? Well, here is what we decided to do with ours as a gift for one of our neighbors. (I wouldn’t be caught dead in black n gold during football season!! Now hockey season maybe ! Go B’s !! )

Pom Pom Fan Hands! - Daily DIY Life.com


Don’t you just love them! That is one heck of a way to show your team spirit that’s for sure. They are even cute in black n gold, but would look so much better in silver and blue! A complete pair of these adorable little fan hands  took less than 30 minutes to put together from start to finish. Once we got all 10 of our Pom poms made, we chose to hot glue them to the top of each finger on the glove. We did try to sew the pom poms on with a yarn needle, but I found the yarn slid right through the knit in the gloves. I used a low temp. glue gun, put the gloves on my hands and glued each pom pom right on top of my finger nail area. This way your finger tips were free to hold that delicious cup of hot cocoa at the football game to warm you right up.

This is one of my favorite CRAFTS  I have done recently. I hope you agree. Not a sports fan? That’s ok! These would be super cute in princess colors with tiny pom poms on the tips.


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