Quick & Easy Creamy Chicken Soup

Quick, Easy, and Chicken Soup are just a few of my favorite words this time of year. I know I have been talking a lot about fall this past week, and I don’t think that will be stopping any time soon. Well at least not for the next 2 months any way. Then it will be winter and the complaining can begin haha. So for now let’s just enjoy the slightly cooler nights, the gorgeous foliage out side and the delicious dishes we can cook up for the family to warm up just a little. For example, this flavorful and comforting Creamy chicken Soup.
Today was a day of cleaning and organizing around the house and I knew it would be a busy day. Getting dinner on the table would be a challenge unless of course I put my crockpot to good use. Which is exactly what I did!

Two nights ago, the teens and I had roasted chicken for dinner, and we had lots left over. It was time to use that chicken in a perfect Round 2 Recipe! If you are not familiar with what a Round 2 Recipe is, take a look at how we plan our Weekly Menu. There are great FREE Menu Planning Printables available for our awesome readers as well!

On to tonight’s dinner, shall we?

Quick & Easy Creamy chicken Soup - Daily DIY Life.com

Quick & Easy Creamy Chicken Soup

1 Pre Cooked Roaster Chicken (or left overs if you have them)
1 Family size can – Campbells cream of chicken soup
1 can (use the soup can) water
2 bouillon cubes
3 large carrots – peeled & sliced
1 Tbs parsley
1 tsp black pepper
2 cups egg noodles

Combine all ingredients except the egg noodles in your crockpot. Cook on high 4 – 5 hours (until carrots are soft). 30 minutes before serving add in your egg noodles. Serve with garlic bread or dinner rolls. I told you it was easy!

For something as simple as that, this recipe packs a big punch of flavor! It was perfect and very filling for a cool night like this. All three of the men had seconds and the compliments kept coming. I love making them and their bellies happy!


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