Plant the Perfect Tree for Arbor Day

You might call R.J. Laverne a tree hugger. As the manager of education and training at the Davey Institute of Tree Sciences, I thought Laverne would be the perfect guy for suggesting the right tree to serve different needs in your yard. Using myself as the perfect example, I know that I have often planted the wrong tree in the wrong place and endured the results: slow-to-no growth or a yard-swallowing monster. Learn from my mistakes.

Photo by: Photo by Ben Rollins

Photo by Ben Rollins

And why not get the family involved in this fun way to celebrate Arbor Day, by planting a new tree in your yard? From my experience, children love the experience of watching a tree grow as they do. It’s a great way to measure time’s passage, bring beauty to your yard and in some cases, offer up delicious things to eat, like the apple tree we planted in my Atlanta front yard when my son was little. A co-worker planted trees in her front yard to mark the birth of each of her sons, and I know they — and she — loved to see them grow and know these were their “special” trees.