Painted Patio Furniture

Materials and Tools:

resin patio chair
Krylon Fusion paint (specially designed for hard plastics)
Ammonia-based cleaning product
paint thinner (if chair is brand new)
optional: plastic paints, paintbrushes, low-tack painter’s tape


1. Using an ammonia-based cleaner, wipe down the chair to remove any dust or dirt. If the chair is brand new, wipe it down with paint thinner: this will prepare the surface so the paint will stick.

2. Shake the fusion paint for two minutes. Working in a well-ventilated area (preferably outdoors), hold the can 8″-10″ from the chair and spray in a sweeping motion from side to side. Apply a thin coat and allow to dry for 30 seconds. Apply multiple coats, allowing to dry between applications, until the chair is completely coated. The paint will dry in 15 minutes or less and can be handled in an hour.

3. Fusion paint must cure for a full seven days to become fully dry and chip and scratch resistant. After seven days have passed, apply the plastic paints in the desired pattern.

4. Use painter’s tape to mark off stripes and geometric shapes, and use different size brushes and different colors of paint to create fun designs.

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